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Lollapalooza Day 3

Aug 06, 2012 -- 12:10am

The 3rd day of Lollapalooza started off strong. Sunday began with London's Bombay Bicycle Club performing songs off A Different Kind of Fix and Flaws. The large crowd in attendance baking in the hot sun on The RedBull Soundstage. (Although some concert goers discovered areas of shade a ways from the stage, but enough to hear their favorite bands play. 

That same sage would be host later in the after noon the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. With a string section and use of a bowed guitar, their sound was unique and calm. Although there was no pronounced moshing for this band (though, some concert goers always seem to find a way) their performance received rave reviews and cheers when all was said and done.  

Doctor P proved to be another Dub-Step favorite in the largest Perry's stage of all time, with crowd favorites "Big Boss", and "Watch Out" meeting with bouncing, fist pumping and hands waving. However when the all familiar Nintendo "Tetris" theme played, everyone rejoiced as one of his most popular songs captured everyone’s attention in the hour long set. 

The Gaslight Anthem Rocked the Google Play stage, litterly as the hard rock quartet played a great set including their latest song "45". The area around the stage absolutely jampacked. Meanwhile for the Hip-Hop afficinado J. Cole was about to "Blow Up" on the Bud Light stage to a huge crowd, performing to over 10,000 fans.


At The Drive In, appeared on the Redbull Sound Stage at 6pm, with a huge crowd, and big mosh pit. Everyone seemed to enjoy the hour long set, although it seemed obvious that they were all waiting for their most popular song "One Armed Scissor" which was delivered as expected last. It didn't disappoint. Their position in rock history will go down as a band that was the influence, but not the projection of the success.  Meanwhile Florence Welch brought out her machine for a spin on the Bud Light Stage for over an hour. Some of the songs adjusted after reports of Florence's issues performing the songs live, but an amazing set live. 


The Band Chairlift , initially bumped due to Saturday's Evacuation got a chance to reschedule and play Sunday, on the Google Play Stage. The Brooklyn New York band is most known for their iPod commercial song "Bruises" Mike Snow delighted many as the last act to play the Sony stage for the 2012 Effort of Lollapaloza, playing their song "Animal", many in the outskirts of the stage knew the song, but wasn't sure where from. 


On the North side of the festival Actor/Comedian Donald Glover from 30 Rock performed his serious and legimiate Rap Act, offering a sharp contract to other acts, wtih the entire crowd engaged and singing along


The night ended with most of the festival witnessing Jack White, do his thing. Jack delivered a solid two hours on the Redbull Soundstage, however the crowd between 50,000-70,000 wanted the songs that made him famous. So everyone waited through a complete switch out of band members (35 minutes into the set Jack Traded his all-Male band to an all-female band) Finally with a half hour to go, we heard "Seven Nation Army" "Fell In Love With A Girl" "The hardest button to button" and more of the songs that allowed Jack to be Jack on the biggest stage and the last night of a great brand that is Lollapalooza Chicago. 



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